Posted on: Mon 22 Apr 2013

Throughout the season former player Clive Walker provides radio and TV commentary on Chelsea's games. Here he selects five aspects from Sunday's dramatic draw that caught his eye…

1. It took Chelsea 10 to 15 minutes to get going but our opening goal improved confidence and we started to play higher up the pitch. We squeeze the play and looked like we were going to go on and get a second goal. I said during the match coverage that we could have done with the second before half-time because at that stage we were the better side. The goal had silenced the crowd and from that aspect we had done everything right, although we hadn't played especially well.

2. Our opening goal came from a good delivery and good movement by Oscar, but also from flat-footed defending and bad marking by Liverpool. It wasn't just the once, a lot of times when Chelsea crosses came in they struggled. Oscar steered his header well, the ball hitting his head more than him heading it, and the pace was all from the corner. It was a great ball by Juan Mata.

3. When he came on at half-time Daniel Sturridge played higher up the park than Philippe Coutinho. He was hungry and Liverpool came out the blocks flying. Chelsea were sitting back and you could see a goal coming because we allowed players to run from deep.

4. However after the equaliser we went up the other end and Luis Suarez began the strange period of the game for him. It was not a bad ball across the area but why he put his arm up only he can tell. The important thing was we took advantage and Eden Hazard converted the penalty really well under immense pressure, and after having to wait a long time.

5. Liverpool kept pushing balls into the box but as we got to the 90th minute it looked to be a question of seeing the game through by staying with runners and marking people, but our back four dropped deeper and deeper. Unfortunately for us Suarez shouldn't have been on the pitch when he scored and I hope the FA will deal with him accordingly. Sturridge delivered the ball for the goal and on another day would have been sent off too as he put his foot in over the top of the ball and caught Ryan Bertrand. Before the match we might have taken a point knowing the intensity of games between these teams but having been in the position we were with 10 seconds to go, it is a huge disappointment.

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