Posted on: Tue 23 Apr 2013

Bridge Kids ambassador David Luiz visited the young winners of a recent competition at school in Kent last week.

After Scotts Park Primary School in Bromley won the competition, the Brazilian defender paid a visit , and was particularly touched by the presentation of a birthday card, drawn and presented by the children in the classroom, and that they sang 'Happy Birthday' to him ahead of his celebration on Monday. Not only did David Luiz spend time in the classroom with the kids, he also took a tour round the school, and participated in a Q&A session in the hall to give a chance for all to hear and learn more about him.

'I remember when I was a kid I had heroes and now I play for Chelsea there are kids who listen to me, so it is nice to show them that I care,' he said afterwards.

'It makes me so happy to see the kids smile; they are the most important thing, so it was nice to visit a school.'