Posted on: Tue 07 May 2013

With the UEFA Women's Champions League final now just over a fortnight away, we spoke with Kelly Simmons, the FA's director of the national game and women's football.

Simmons was appointed to the role at the beginning of the year and believes the match between Wolfsburg and Lyon will be a fantastic advertisement for the women's game, following on from recent high profile successes.

'The Champions League final in 2011 at Fulham was a really high quality game and I am sure those people will want to come to Stamford Bridge and see more of the same,' she said. 'It's an amazing stadium and it's fantastic for women's football to have the game there.

'Prices are very affordable so it's a chance for people who haven't been there before, for people who haven't seen women's football before, or those who haven't been to a major event before, to get behind it and come down and see it.'

It has been a huge couple of years for the sport already, but Simmons insists there is still growth to be made.

'It's the fourth biggest competitive sport in the country now after men's football, cricket and rugby,' she said. 'There are one quarter of a million women and girls playing football every week which is fantastic.

'When we look back in the future we will see 2012 as a key year. The Olympics took the game to a new audience, benefited from the mood around the country and opened people's eyes to women's football. We have to build on that.

'We've come a long way in quite a short time and the job now, with these key events this year with the Super League underway again and the Women's Champions League final at Stamford Bridge, and the European Championships to come, is to keep promoting the game.'

The Stamford Bridge match on May 23, the last game at our home this season, promises to be an exciting occasion. You can still be there, with tickets available from just £5.