Posted on: Mon 13 May 2013

Ramires says he is still not feeling the fatigue as we approach our 68th game of the season on Wednesday.

The midfielder, who was dismissed towards the end of the first half at Aston Villa on Saturday, sat down to answer fans' questions from Twitter on Monday as he prepares for the Europa League final on Wednesday.

Of course, there were plenty of questions about the match, which will see Ramires come up against his former side Benfica, and you can hear more from him here on the official Chelsea website on Tuesday morning, but there were also plenty of queries about where he finds his energy from, his favourite positions on the pitch and just how it felt scoring that goal at Barcelona last year.

Discussing our busy season, he admitted to @AliffNazli that some might be tiring after competing in eight competitions, but with plenty still to play for, it should be no issue for Chelsea's players.

'We are at that stage in the season. I might feel a bit tired but when you're motivated you don't feel it,' he said, adding in response to @WeAreChelseaFC's question about where he finds his stamina: 'It is all about training and rest. You should rest a lot between games.'

Renowned for his stamina, Ramires has also shown versatility since arriving here in 2010. This season he has spent time both in central midfield and on the right wing, while he has also previously filled in at right-back. He is quite clear where he prefers to play though.

'In the middle, as the second midfielder, who is more free to attack as well as defend,' he said.

Ramires was asked by @Shahzad_92 which player he considers the most intelligent at Chelsea. Being diplomatic, he instead pointed to playing style, picking out a little Spaniard he is used to seeing use the ball well.

'Off the pitch I don't know but the one I like to watch for the way he sees the game on the pitch is Juan Mata,' the Brazilian said, going on to tell @cassgabe7 how players of different nationalities confer on the pitch.

'Easy,' he smiled. 'We all communicate on the pitch in English. If I speak to one of the other Brazilians it is Portuguese.'

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