Posted on: Tue 21 May 2013

Looking back on a week in which the team won the Europa League and claimed third place in the Barclays Premier League, Petr Cech values both achievements in terms of their potential impact on next season.

Their effect will be felt as early as August with no need for a two-legged Champions League qualifier that would have been the case had we ended up in fourth. Instead that month our European success means a place in the UEFA Super Cup match for the second year running, aiming for a better showing than the defeat against Atletico Madrid in Monaco.

'I am really happy that we won the Europa League because this win gave us a ticket for the Super Cup in Prague which is even better because I will play at home,' said Cech. 'After the huge disappointment of last year's Super Cup this is another important and positive thing, and the race for the third place was fantastic because it was up until the last minute.

'Now the structure of our pre-season can be held the same way as it is prepared and this is a big help,' he said on avoiding Champions League qualifiers.

'Everybody will have enough rest to start to season and be fresh, and we don't have to worry about this.'

It remains to be seen what the make-up of the squad will be come the beginning of pre-season but again the end of this season may help with that according to our goalkeeper.

'Last season everyone wanted Eden Hazard and because we won the Champions League he chose our club ahead of everybody else. This year we won back-to-back European trophies and I believe that win in Amsterdam was again very important because players choosing between teams may rather choose Chelsea because they always win something.'

Looking more personally, Cech, who turned 31 yesterday (Monday), is satisfied with his contribution to the long campaign.

'One of the next games for the national team will be the 70th official game I've played this season with the 63 for Chelsea, and I kept my level of performances constant. I am very pleased with the way I have played the whole season and apart from a little muscle injury I almost didn't miss any games. I felt fresh and ready and it is another season I played over 60 games and I know I can do it which is great.'