Posted on: Thu 08 Aug 2013

Jose Mourinho has provided a status update on his squad following Wednesday's defeat to Real Madrid.

The manager was without the injured Juan Mata and David Luiz in Miami, with Mourinho emphatic in his response to the Spanish club's reported interest in the Brazilian.

'If they need a central defender my advice is that they have to go to the second name they have in the list because they are wasting their time. No chance,' he said.

'They are important players. The team with David Luiz and Mata is a better team. But we don't risk players in pre-season. Mata had a little thing, no risk, David has something from the past, an injury he had before the Champions League final, so we stop, we are not here to risk. But the team with them is a better team. He had a good session in Washington with the physio so hopefully, no problem.'

The Brazilian rejoined the squad for training at the Catholic University of America on Thursday, with Mourinho stressing there is no concern despite the 3-1 loss in Florida. Manchester United's Wayne Rooney does however remain a transfer target.

'We are doing the things in the correct way,' he said. 'We did the bid, Man United had their reaction and let's see what happens but we can't do more than what we are doing now, doing things legally, making an official bid directly, no interviews, no comments, no direct relation with the player. We're doing things in an ethical way and let's see how it finishes.

'As you know we have our squad, our strikers. We have identified the player as a player we would like to have with us. We did it in an ethical way and will do it until the last day, and we will see.

'What we have is what we have. We have very good young players, who don't need us to buy new players to replace them,' he continued. 'What they need is our trust, our work and our support.

'This is a friendly in the same way I was saying there are no celebrations because we win friendlies, there are no dramas when we lose because we could see the different approach from both teams. They were here [in Miami] for three days, preparing for this match and training once a day and I know the training session was a recovering one, playing with their best team from minute one.

'We had a completely different approach. I need to see my players. Frank Lampard I know is not ready, it's his first minutes of pre-season playing against Real Madrid.

'Frank has to train, to play against Roma, maybe for 60 minutes, and it's good if he plays a part against Scotland. He is getting ready but his pre-season was a week, he stopped for two weeks and now he is coming back again so be calm. We are very calm, we know the stages.'