Posted on: Sat 24 Aug 2013

New Blues Andre Schurrle and Marco van Ginkel were the first players of the season to appear on Chelsea TV's Friday Night Live show, answering questions from presenter Gigi Salmon and from supporters.

A Google+ hangout during the programme was an additional way fans could communicate with the two summer signings, along with phone calls and tweets, and during the hour they were on air, both were asked about Monday's match against Manchester United, about their two league games so far, and what it is like to be Chelsea players.

'It is a great feeling and I was a fan of this club when I was young, I had shirts, and now I am member of the squad so I enjoy it,' said Schurrle, who revealed the name Lampard was on his shirt when younger.

'If you are a young boy you want to play at a club like Chelsea in the Premier League,' added Van Ginkel, 'and now for us it is a great feeling to play here with these supporters in a great club.

'The crowd is louder and the noise is from every side of the stadium, whereas most of the time in Holland it is from one side.'

Both players came on as substitute in each of the two games so far, and Schurrle recalled what Jose Mourinho said to him immediately before his debut.

'He told me that I had to play the style I like to play and be confident with that, and then I would do the things I want to do and that is good for the team. And he said to enjoy it.

'I was a little nervous of course when I came to the stadium and felt this atmosphere and saw these fans for the first time, but after five or 10 minutes on the pitch it was perfect.'

'At the beginning you are a little nervous,' agreed Van Ginkel, 'but after it is going your way and you only focus on the game.

'The two wins were very important for us, the new players, and also the two games were at home so we got to know the crowd so it was two good days. Always the first matches are important and especially at home, we had to win and now we go to Man United with six points so that is nice.

'In Holland everyone wants to see these big games and also for us players, everyone wants to play in the big stadiums and we go to Old Trafford with a very good feeling.'

Schurrle agreed victories over Hull and Aston Villa have helped improve the team and put everyone in the right frame of mind for a testing away game.

'The game is at the right time for us and if we win there it is going to be good for us.

'It is going to be exciting to see who can handle this the best,' he said of the wider title race. 'For us it is very good because Jose Mourinho knows the club, he knows the fans and the fans love him. Everything is not really new and in other teams it is quite new.'

During the show Schurrle and Van Ginkel also went head-to-head at table football. That can be viewed now via the channel's online access.