Posted on: Thu 29 Aug 2013

This week's UEFA Super Cup match is no journey into the unknown for Petr Cech and Andre Schurrle, the two Chelsea players who spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow's game in Prague.

Not only is the match to be played in a city where the Chelsea goalkeeper once played his club football, and in a stadium where he represents his nation with the Czech side, it is against opposition Cech helped beat so memorably two seasons ago. He now faces them in a fixture he competed in a year ago against different opposition.

For German international Schurrle, freshly signed from the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich are certainly nothing new either.

'I am really looking forward to this match, and of course I am familiar with most members of the Bayern Munich team and some are friends,' confirmed Schurrle.

'The Super Cup this year has taken on a special flair and we are eager to win this title.'

Bayern's summer addition Mario Gotze is someone Schurrle knows especially well although their communication in the last week has been limited to a few text messages as both focus on the contest ahead. They are settling in at their new clubs and Schurrle reported on his early impressions of Chelsea.

'I can only say positive things. The first weeks have been excellent, I am fully integrated into the team and everything seemed to slide into place. We are playing at a good level and it is thumbs up all round.

'The manager works very closely with the whole squad and there are many training sessions when he actively expresses to the players the concept he wants us to play. He can be very stern but at the same time he has a sense of humour.'

Cech said: 'Playing in Prague is special but playing in Prague as a neutral venue is something different,' before recalling his last encounter with Bayern, on a night when he was one of the main heroes.

'You play Super Cups and finals and Champions League and Europa League to win, and in 2012 we managed to beat Bayern on their home soil and it was an unbelievable moment for all of us and the same last year, it was the first time Chelsea were involved in the Europa League and we managed to win it. We are glad after the Super Cup of last year when we didn't play well and rightly lost against Atletico Madrid that we have another chance.

'We are one of the favourites to win the Champions League, with the new coach and the motivation, but first we want to forget about last year's Super Cup and have a different story this time.'

Schurrle, who played as Chelsea's most forward player at Manchester United on Monday, was asked the last time he played such a role, and if he has any concerns about Chelsea added new attacking players to the squad this week. His answer was a definite no.

'We have a good squad and need a big one with much quality for the season because we have so many games and so many competitions. For every player this is good because when you have many players you have to give your best in every training session and every match, and that is only positive for the team.

'I played there a couple times for Leverkusen,' he recalled on the striker role. 'In the games you change positions and it was nothing new for me and I knew what to do, so it was fully okay.'