Posted on: Tue 17 Sep 2013

With Everton's first opposition since Romelu Lukaku went there on loan being Chelsea, the striker was required to wait a little longer for his debut at the club, but he was able to speak to Chelsea TV after the game.

The 20-year-old, who is spending a second season gaining Premier League experience away from Stamford Bridge following a year of progress at West Bromwich Albion, spoke enthusiastically about the opportunity and his intention to then return to London ready to play a part in Chelsea's future.

'Everton is a good team and it's another year for me that is important for my development, and I always said at about 21 I want to be where I have to be and Everton is a good club for me,' he told Chelsea TV.

'Everyone could see today [Saturday] that Everton are a good footballing team, and the most important thing I can learn is the footballing side, and to be more clever and much more deadly in front of goal.

'That is why I came here and now I have the opportunity to work hard and confirm what I did last year, and with this team I think I can do it.'

In the interview Lukaku talked about the penalty shoot-out miss at the end of last month's UEFA Super Cup match against Bayern Munich, and how he is opening a new chapter since that night, and he also gave his thoughts on the weekend win for Everton.

'You can see that Chelsea is a team with a lot of qualities and Samuel Eto'o was unlucky, but I think he will be very important over the course of the season.

'Everton was also very good, they also played as a team and they had their one chance and they scored and that is it with football, sometimes you have only one chance and you can win a game.'

- A clip can be viewed above with the full interview available now via the channel's online access.