Posted on: Sat 21 Sep 2013

The ticket selling arrangements for our Champions League game away at Steaua Bucharest on Tuesday 1 October have been announced.

Tickets are due to arrive tonight (Friday 20 September). Therefore, due to the shortness of time ticket sales for this game will be as follows:

Saturday 21 September:
Tickets will be on sale as follows to supporters on the UEFA away scheme, who can purchase one ticket per person.

Online - 7am to 7.30pm

Box office - 11am to 3.30pm, then after the match for a short period of time.

Call centre - 12noon to 3pm.

Sunday 22 September
Tickets will be on sale to season ticket holders who can purchase one ticket.

Online - 7am to 5pm

Box office - 9am to 12noon

Call centre - closed

Monday 23 September
Tickets will be on sale to members who can purchase one ticket.

Online - 7am to 5pm

Box office - 9:15am to 7pm

Call centre - 9.15am to 5pm

Ticket prices
Tickets for this match are priced at £17.50 and we expect to receive an allocation of 2500 tickets.

UEFA away scheme
Scheme holders will be given a priority period where they can purchase a ticket. Failure to purchase within this reservation period will not result in removal from the scheme. However, a seat will no longer be guaranteed. Supporters will then need to purchase tickets in the relevant purchasing period.

As per this year's policy supporters on the scheme can miss one match and will not be removed from the scheme. However for this game due to the shortness of time if scheme holders do not purchase for this game then they will not be removed from the scheme. However supporters will be removed from the scheme if they do not collect the tickets they have purchased from the box office or fail to purchase tickets for two matches.

Supporters who visit the Box office can purchase a maximum of 10 tickets per person and must carry all season ticket TeamCards to do so.

As per the clubs ticketing policy, tickets will be sold from 7am online and from 9am at the box office/call centre, with 95 per cent of tickets being sold online and the remaining five per cent being sold at the box office and call centre.

All ticket sales are subject to availability.

Duplicate tickets and collection procedure
We regret to inform supporters there will be NO duplicate tickets available for this match.

Declaration Form
All tickets must have the fully completed declaration form before tickets can be collected/posted out.

All tickets must be collected from the box office in person with the fully completed declaration forms by 5pm on Monday 30 September.

Opening times
To assist supporters collecting tickets the ticket office will be open the below additional hours:

Sunday 22 September 9am to 12noon
Monday 23 September 9.15am until 7pm
Thursday 26 September 9.15am until 7pm
Friday 27 September 9.15am until 7pm

Proof of travel
Proof of travel is NOT required with the declaration form on application; however proof of travel may be requested at any time.

Posting of tickets
Should you wish to have your tickets sent out by Royal Mail Special Delivery, simply complete the following steps:

1. Book the tickets online or via the call centre

2. Complete the declaration form for all customers within the order

3. Send your credit /debit card details to Chelsea FC (to the value of £5.95) and the declaration forms to: PO BOX 21805, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS

4. Once the fully completed declaration forms arrive, the tickets will be sent out to the customer who made the booking.

5. You can either send the declaration form to us by post of via email on

Please note that Chelsea FC are not responsible for failings in the postal system. Should the tickets not arrive they cannot be refunded or duplicated.

Tickets will only be sent out for this match if the fully completed declaration forms and special delivery payment or courier charge is received by Thursday 26 September

All ticket sales are subject to availability.

Declaration form