Posted on: Sun 06 Oct 2013

Jose Mourinho has expressed his hope that simulation does not become an increasing presence in the English game.

Asked about the subject in his media conference ahead of this weekend's game, Mourinho responded:

'I say I hate it. Some people are born in countries where it is stimulated and if you are born in countries where culturally simulation is stimulated, the moment you come to this country you have to change immediately.

'This is not about winning a game or losing a game because of a red card or because of a penalty that was a simulation, this is about keeping a culture or allowing a culture to change.'

Mourinho said he would not necessarily drop a player of his he decided had been involved in simulation but would criticise that player strongly, and that he had spoken to Chelsea players in the past about the subject and also to the current squad.

'They know, I tell them many times I hate it, I think it is very bad and seeking a red card for another player is for me a disgrace.

'If one day I win a game where I feel I did it because one of my players didn't behave correctly I would say.'

The Chelsea manager reflected on an admission from Tottenham's Andros Townsend issued last week after he was booked for simulation in the game against Chelsea.

'He apologised for the diving and the referee showed exactly his intention to defend that important part of the game by giving him a yellow card and let's go from that. But you see in the Champions League two or three days later two big clubs, two big players, two important decisions and one team has 10 men and loses the game and another team concedes a penalty in the last minute.

'I owe a lot to this country and I hope we go in the right direction.'