Posted on: Thu 12 Dec 2013

Reach, the Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency, has won the first of our online charity polls, and will be holding bucket collections at Stamford Bridge for the game against Crystal Palace on Saturday.

There are three matchdays available for bucket collections, so the charities have been broken down into different categories: medical charities, children and young people's charities and community charities.

Thousands of fans took part in the first poll, the children and young people's category, via this website with Reach the eventual winners.

Founded in 1978 as The Association for Children with Artificial Arms and renamed Reach, The Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency 10 years later, the charity works tirelessly to support families whose children are affected by upper limb deficiency.

There are many types of upper limb deficiency, and for the majority of the families involved it is the first time that they will have come across such a disability. Reach aims to provide these families with advice regarding treatment and help them realise that they are not alone.

Nigel Tarrant, chairman of Reach, said: 'Reach are delighted to be chosen by Chelsea supporters as recipients of the matchday collection for the game against Crystal Palace.

'Our motto "It's ability not disability that matters" is at the heart of all our work and we support families and children to achieve great things. Our volunteer team shaking the buckets at the game consists of Reach members and we are really pleased to see so many involved.

'Thank you Chelsea FC for this opportunity.'

The second category to go forward for the fans' vote through the online poll is medical charities. The winner of this poll will have the opportunity to hold bucket collections at the Manchester United game on Sunday 19 January at Stamford Bridge.