Posted on: Tue 24 Dec 2013

More than 40 Chelsea Foundation coaches descended on St Mary's University College, Twickenham, on Monday for a practical day's learning with senior members of the organisation.

Led by area co-ordinators Steve Shipp (Surrey), Dean Challis (Middlesex) and Simon Jackson (Berkshire) along with PPA development officer Tom Bird, 40 coaches from Surrey, Berkshire and Middlesex attended the day-long event.

The morning involved the area co-ordinators putting on two multi-sport sessions with youngsters from Stanley Primary School in front of the watching coaches, before staging a Q&A with the Foundation coaches on the way the session was run and what made it a success.

In the afternoon all the coaches, including the area co-ordinators, swapped roles to become the participants as staff from St Mary's hosted sessions on striking, fielding and dance as a way to teach the Foundation staff differing techniques and styles of coaching.

Surrey area co-ordinator Steve Shipp said: 'My role was to put on a session that relates to our extra-curricular activity, so our after-school clubs, lunchtime clubs and breakfast clubs.

'It was to create a fun and enjoyable environment for the kids to play in, but also for them to learn something as well.It was important for our coaches to come in and see the mannerisms of our senior coaches and how we put things across to the children.

'The coaches have a Q&A then they have some multi-sport stuff put on by the St Mary's guys, where we are the participants. This means we get to see what it's like from the perspective of the kids and we can take these ideas and mould them in to our own.

'I've been at the Foundation for 10 years and have seen the programme build and to see something like this with all the coaches from three regions is amazing as we want to all be singing off the same hymn sheet.'

While the Chelsea Foundation coaches in attendance left with much to talk about, it was also a day to remember for the 30 youngsters from Stanley Primary School.

The youngsters enjoyed a half-hour session with the area co-ordinators and PE co-ordinator for the school, James Watson, revealed the opportunity to take part in the event was one he couldn't pass by.

'We were asked to take part by the Foundation and obviously snapped their hand off!' he said.

'We know how good the sessions are and hopefully they will be coming in to our school to work with our kids on a more permanent basis come January.

'The kids were incredibly excited and loved every minute of it.It really was two brilliant sessions.

'The Chelsea coaches are fantastic.The sessions are well structured and all the kids are engaged for the entire session, and all the coaches do it with a big smile on their face.'