Posted on: Tue 14 Jan 2014

Andre Schurrle and Demba Ba hosted NBA star Kevin Garnett of the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday, before welcoming the entire Atlanta Hawks team later in the day.

The basketball-loving Chelsea pair were on hand to meet the visitors, who are in London ahead of Thursday night's regular season encounter at the O2 Arena, offering their very own tour of the Bridge before having a go at shooting some hoops themselves.

Schurrle goes for a dunk at Stamford Bridge

Garnett, a huge Chelsea fan, who has a pair of specially-designed shoes in our museum, admitted: 'I'm like a kid in a candy store right now!', while Schurrle and Ba were both quick to tweet their satisfaction at meeting the man known as 'The Big Ticket'.

Schurrle and Kevin Garnett

Among the Hawks visitors were German Dennis Schroeder, who spent time talking with Schurrle, and Kyle Korver, who presented our German international with his own team jersey in the Chelsea dressing room.

Kyle Korver exchanges shirts with Schurrle

The Nets and the Hawks meet on Thursday night, with several Chelsea players set to watch the game. Schurrle will be among the sell-out audience in east London, and shared his thoughts on a special afternoon.

'It's great, and for them it's great to see the stadium and feel the atmosphere of Stamford Bridge,' the 23-year-old winger said. 'I was in the States and saw some matches so was excited to see them and know how they feel to be here.

'I follow the NBA - there are a few German players there. I don't follow one team in particular, but really like some players. Dennis is a good boy and I really hope he can make it there. We've had some conversations on Twitter before, so it was good to meet him and we'll stay in touch.

'Kevin Garnett was really, really tall. It's unbelievable, but when I saw him it was good to see how this great player who achieved so many things was so happy to be at our stadium.'

Schurrle and Ba with the Atlanta Hawks at Stamford Bridge