Posted on: Thu 05 Oct 2006

"For me it was a surprise when in the last couple of days before the deadline Peter Kenyon was informing me that there was a big possibility that he would come. I was of course very, very happy."


Something Mourinho never had any doubts over was that Cole's desire to move to Stamford Bridge was strong.


"When I read that he had had an offer from Real Madrid, I didn't need to ask him why he wanted to come to Chelsea, because everything is clear.


"When a player doesn't go to the club of the century, to the club with the most important history in the world of football and he decides to refuse that opportunity and come to Chelsea, I don't need to ask him why.


"It's because he has a feeling for the club and for the players. He believes in us and he believes he can be happy here. He loves this country and he loves the Premiership."


Cole gave his side of the transfer tale.


"I only found out that it was going through on the last day," he revealed. "About two in the afternoon, the manager called me and said the deal is back on. I was happy that it could finally be sorted out.


"Before the World Cup I had a meeting with Arsène Wenger and I said that I didn't think it would be easy for me to come back and play for Arsenal after everything that had gone on. I said I would like to leave.


"But I just wanted to concentrate on the World Cup and I asked them to find me a club I could go to. He was the one that mentioned Chelsea. I didn't think I was ever going to come here at one stage. They sorted it out and got an agreement with Chelsea."


by Paul Mason