Posted on: Thu 05 Oct 2006

Ashley Cole has given an interview for the first time as a Chelsea player. He told Chelsea TV about his ambition, his physical condition, and a Chelsea player who could make him look silly.


Here is some of what was said:


It looked when you decided to leave Arsenal as though Chelsea was your preferred choice.


"Two or three days before the transfer window, Chelsea came in with the final bid and of course I'm here now.


"Before I went to the World Cup, I spoke to Arsene Wenger and he said where would I like to go. I said I would rather concentrate on the World Cup first. He said a few clubs, Chelsea, Madrid, and I am glad to be here now."


What made you choose Chelsea ahead of the others?


"What they have done in the past two seasons. They have won the league for two years running and have a great captain in JT and a lot of English players. Also with the players they have brought in like Shevchenko and Ballack, they are a very ambitious team. Hopefully coming here, I can win more medals and the Champions League."


How much was it a factor that we did have so many England players?


"It made it easier for my decision. I play with them for England, JT, Lamps, Bridgey, Joe Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips, so that did influence my decision a little bit as well."


What was it like playing next to JT as a Chelsea player these last two England games?


"It has been quite funny. I am just getting used to it. I have played with him before but now we can be team-mates. But I must fight for my place here. It is definitely not my position. I have got a hard fight on my hands with Wayne Bridge and hopefully I can keep going and play with JT for Chelsea and England as well."

Are you aware what a good start to the season Bridgey has had?


"A lot of people have told me how good he is playing but I am here for a battle. I don't just come here and expect to play. I had it at Arsenal - I had to fight for my place there - and coming here, there is definitely going to be a fight."


What are your priorities, is it the League, the Champions League?


"To win those 38 games and go through a tough season, I think I would rather win the League, but I have won that twice and to win the Champions League would be a great achievement. I have been to the Final once and hopefully one day I can pick it up.


"Chelsea have won the league two years on the trot and I think to go to the Champions League Final and to actually win it would be a great achievement for them and me as well."


How's your fitness?


"It feels good. I didn't have the greatest pre-season, I went back a week late. But I trained on my own and tried to keep fit. I have played three England games now and a reserve game for Arsenal so I am getting the fitness. Hopefully I can keep training now and be involved in the next couple of games.


"I feel good in myself. In the last game I didn't play too well for England but in the games before I felt fit enough and was getting up and down, so hopefully whenever I get the chance, I can do well."


The injury you had last season, that's alright now?


"I'm fine now. That killed me going into the World Cup. It was a tough journey for me but I am over that now and I am looking forward to playing for Chelsea."


What have been your favourite Chelsea players of the past?


"The main one was Zola, he was one of the best players to grace the Premiership because he had everything.


"I played against him a few times and he was a nightmare. Every time he ran up to you, you had to keep your legs closed because he was always going for the nutmeg and could make you look silly. He got a few on me - he was a great player.


"He and Poyet, another great player, worked really well together. And there was Gullit. But the main one I have to say was Zola."


Do you have something to prove to Chelsea fans?


"Coming from a rival club, you are always going to have doubters thinking you are here for certain reasons.


"But I can definitely say I am here for the good reasons - to win things. I have always been a winner and I always will be. Coming here I hopefully can prove to them that I am here for the good reasons."