Posted on: Thu 12 Oct 2006

Jose Mourinho has given his thoughts on the attempt to sign Ashley Cole in the wake of Chelsea Football Club's Wednesday evening statement on the current situation.


The club statement said:


"Chelsea FC has been in discussions with Arsenal Football Club for some time over the possible transfer of Ashley Cole.

"Chelsea has made a very substantial offer for the player. Although discussions have continued, Arsenal's valuation of the player does not match Chelsea's and therefore no agreement can be reached in the current circumstances ."


Following Wednesday night's game against Celtic, Mourinho explained:


"We didn't lose patience. Ashley Cole is an Arsenal player. They have the power in their hands to say yes or no and we have the power in our hands to say how far our offer goes.


"Our offer went to the limit. The club doesn't move ahead one more single pound and I agree completely because our offer is an excellent offer for, of course, an excellent player. But it is in their hands and they say no."


Mourinho stated that the current impasse didn't mean a deal was totally dead, nor did he rule out the possibility of capturing a different left-back.


"When you try to sign a player you cannot think this is the only player in the world you can get. You must think at the same time for some alternatives. Of course he [Cole] was an important choice for us but I can imagine he is also important for Arsenal and probably they want to keep him.


"Unless we sign another left-back, because I want only one more, not two more, there is a chance it will happen."


by Paul Mason