Posted on: Thu 26 Oct 2006

Jose Mourinho has given the heartening news that he expects Petr Cech to soon be well enough to pay a visit to Chelsea's Cobham training headquarters.

'I spoke with him yesterday,' Mourinho said after the win over Portsmouth.


'I was pleased because the left side of the brain has a direct relation with the speech and he was speaking really well with me in English and I changed to French and he changed at the same time. I changed on purpose and he did the same, no problems.


'He's very, very happy. It's very surprising that a person with his problem is speaking at this moment about a return. Normally he shouldn't.


'Normally he should be a bit sad with football but he's speaking about a return. It's a very far return but he's speaking already and that's good for that motivation.


'We are happy. He's changed hospital, he's close to us now.


'We can go now and see him every day and we believe that in one week's time he can go to the training ground and get again our atmosphere.'