Posted on: Thu 02 Nov 2006

Frank Lampard has revealed that his angle-defying goal in Barcelona owed just as much to practice as to inspiration.


Solitary training exercises are regular part of the Chelsea midfielder's daily routine and a common one is to place the ball a couple of yards behind the goal-line, towards the corner flag, and then to curl it towards the net.


'Sometimes I do it as a bit of fun,' Lampard has told Chelsea TV, 'but it is a test of your skill and I practice shooting from all angles and with both feet.


'Sometimes it is horrible when you are missing the target all the time but on nights like this, you get your reward if you work hard.


'Millions of times I have done that and missed the target and then on a night like this it comes good,' he smiles.


'The first touch let me down so I suppose that is what made the goal because that is what gave me the angle.


'When I scored, I didn't really have any other option than to clip it over the goalkeeper. I had to get the right trajectory and it was a great feeling when it dropped in.'


Speaking of inspiration, John Terry has explained why he, as a central defender, was lurking at the far-post deep into stoppage time at the end of the game to head down Michael Essien's cross for Didier Drogba's equaliser.


'I just went up,' said the captain. 'Usually I get the shout from the manager and last year when we were losing 1-0 here, the manager said with five minutes to go to get up front.


'I kept looking to bench and I didn't get a signal, so I told Maka to sit a little bit deeper and I went up. I was still coming back a little.


'As soon as he [Essien] got that ball, Marquez got dragged inside by Didier and I was free at the far post. I knew he could see me and I was trying not to make a big thing of it so Marquez wouldn't see me at the back.


'I stayed free and headed back inside where Didier chested and finished brilliantly.'