Posted on: Mon 06 Nov 2006

Ashley Cole travels to White Hart Lane today hoping, if selected, to defend his own unbeaten record against Tottenham.

Chelsea's run of success against Spurs is well documented and new arrival Cole fits in well. In 11 Premiership matches and one FA Cup tie against them for Arsenal he won seven and drew five.

Now as a Highbury old-boy and a new Chelsea blue, he knows how he is likely to be received on enemy territory this afternoon.

'Of course I got abuse from the crowd before but they aimed it more at other players than me. But now I think it might be a little bit more on me,' Cole says. 'But it goes with the job and I am looking forward to going back there.

'You don't want to jinx things by saying you have never lost but I think everybody is looking forward to it.'

While Cole can take comfort from past results against long-standing north London rivals, he also believes his general confidence levels are on the up.

'I feel I am getting into this system a little bit more and doing a little bit better. I hopefully can get back to my best and the confidence I had before.

'After the move, my injury and everything that had gone on, I did lose a lot of belief in myself but that players around me are giving me the confidence back and so is the manager.

'I think it may take a season to be back to my very best. Hopefully next season I'll know how the lads play even more and hopefully I can improve on the way as well and be even better than before.

'I do want to improve on my defending and this is why people probably see me defend more than I normally would. It is not because the manager is telling me to stay back. It was my decision, to try to keep clean sheets more than before.

'I'm happy to try to stop people getting past me because that is something I needed to improve. I want to be more stable.'

Cole reveals he is taking a player considered by many to be the best left-back of all-time as an appropriate role model.

'If you look at [Paolo] Maldini, he can still attack but the best part of his game is defending. When I defend they say I don't attack enough so you can't win really, but one day I hope I can be as good as him.'