Posted on: Tue 12 Dec 2006

Petr Cech reveals on Chelsea TV tonight that he is targeting a mid-January return to full training.


The goalkeeper, described by Jose Mourinho last week as the 'best in the world' has now started a training regime following his fractured skull.


In an exclusive interview, Cech reveals he is playing tennis, doing weights, swimming, running and has even done some gentle ball work.


'I feel better, improving every day. I can start training a little bit in the gym and the swimming pool so it makes me feel a lot better.


'It has been a great week the last week because I could start working, I could even start to play tennis. I can be at the training ground and see the people I like to see, and that is better for my confidence and better for my feelings.


'I hope this way I can make it back earlier than expected.'


Cech had been suffering from tiredness due to the injury and the after-effects of the operation but that now is subsiding.


'That's improved as well. Of course I am tired when I do the training session because my body is still a little bit tired.


'But it has improved massively because I can work twice a day and at the end of the day, I am tired but I am tired because of the work, not just because of the walking. So it has been great to discover this.'


Club doctor Bryan English has always insisted that it takes a minimum of three months for the skull fracture to heal and Cech says that assessment means he is on target for a mid January return to full training.


'Last week I spent a whole day in Oxford with the surgeon for some consultations and some tests. We are still waiting for the report from that but as far as I am concerned, we are looking very positive and very well.


'Especially the brain is working very well and I haven't lost anything I had so for the moment it is looking very well. There is still time to go with the skull fracture because it has not healed and I have to be patient with that, but hopefully that will go quickly as well.


'It is looking like that, about the middle of January I will be able to start training in the goal. So I will just try to enjoy the time with my family, enjoy the time with the lads at the training ground and now I have plenty of time to work.'


Petr's Progress, the full Chelsea TV interview in which he delves much deeper into the recovery process, will be aired tonight (Tuesday) at 7pm and then will be repeated at 10.15pm for the rest of the week.


Also on Friday, no less a figure than Frank Lampard will be appearing live in the Chelsea TV studio as he is one of the guests previewing the trip to Everton on Big Match Countdown.


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