Posted on: Tue 12 Dec 2006

Back-to-back championship winning goalkeeper Petr Cech has commenced his rehabilitation programme at the Chelsea training headquarters.


He has given a full interview to Chelsea TV, during which he discusses a well-deserved holiday, his initial exercise regime, the experts so vital to his recovery from a fractured skull and the calendar ahead.


Here in full is what Cech said:


Petr, how are you?

Fine thank you. I feel better, improving every day. I can start training a little bit in the gym and the swimming pool so it makes me feel a lot better.


And your hair is growing back.

Yes, and I am happy with that, especially because the scar is now covered, so it is looking even better which just shows that I am improving even more.


You have even been training outdoors.

It has been a great week the last week because I could start working, I could even start play tennis.


I can be at the training ground and see the people I like to see, and that is better for my confidence and better for my feelings. I hope this way I can make it back earlier than expected.


You were suffering from tiredness, from fatigue, whenever you were doing anything. How is that now?

That's improved as well. Of course I am tired when I do the training session because my body is still a little bit tired.


But it has improved massively because I can work twice a day and at the end of the day, I am tired but I am tired because of the work, not just because of the walking. So it has been great to discover this.


What about your head, are you getting any more headaches?

From time to time I get some headaches but I think it is probably only because of the fatigue. Overall everything is going well.


I am really happy with that and I think everyone from the medical department is really happy with that. We tried to start working this week and it has been going very well.


Some of the training was a little bit of running out, catching a rolling ball and throwing it.

It was looking simple but it was very hard, I can tell you. It has been seven weeks without running and I was just lying in my bed most of the time before.


This was only the second training session when I was running a little bit and I was really exhausted, even though it was only 15 minutes or something like that. It was enough.


You went on holiday. How important was that?

For me personally, it was very important and from the point of view of my family, it was also very important because it has been a very difficult time for my wife.


We hadn't seen each other such a long time before because most of the games we had played away from home and there was the World Cup in the summer.


Then I had an operation on my shoulders so I spent after that on the way back a lot of time at the training ground.


So we needed it as well, being together. We enjoyed a break.


Did you do anything or did you just lie in the sun?

No, I had the first part of my programme there. It has been only a bicycle. About 15 minutes on the bike and some strengthening stuff for my shoulders because the muscles around the shoulders are important for me after the operation and they had gone.


That is why I needed to start slowly, working these muscles and it was the first part of the programme.


Let's talk about Denis Talbot, he is someone who has become really important in your rehabilitation and that was before your injury, that was with the shoulder recuperation.

Denis was the person who spent most of the time with me after the shoulder operation because he has a lot of experience with working with people after shoulder operations.


So I spent a lot of time with him, working with special exercises for shoulders. He was even going with me when I was selected for the national team and there were internationals. It was great.


In the United States I was working most of the time with [performance physio] Dean Kenneally and we started there. The special programme after that with Denis made me even stronger, and after I feel that the shoulders were safe, protected with the muscles and I didn't have any problems to restart playing.


Did you know about him in France when you were playing there, before you came to play in England?

I have to say no because when we were playing in France, I was injured only once and I didn't need anyone like that because it was an easy injury. I only needed specialists while playing in England. It is sad but it is true.


He came over really to oversee the medical department moving from the temporary premises at Cobham to the permanent premises, but now he is taking a special interest in you again and getting you fit again.

Yeah, because we have known each other such a long time because we spent almost four or five months working together because of the shoulders.


So I think it is logical we keep going with that after the second surgery, even though it is different surgery. I think the work I need to do is a little bit similar. I would say almost the same as before.


Now Rob Brinded [the conditioning coach] is working with me as well on the strength and coordination and this kind of stuff.


Both together, they can look after me very well, and I think we can see that because I have improved such a lot in ten days.


Do you speak English or French with Denis?

Normally together we speak French because it is for both us, especially for him, and to practice French is good for me, so I don't forget a lot.


So what is your schedule from here?

The schedule is quite easy. It is during the week from Monday to Friday, it depends on the day, sometimes twice, sometimes working once-a-day.


Then the difference is sometimes it is in Cobham in the gym and then sometimes I am going to play tennis in Oxshott or sometimes I am going to the swimming pool.


There is always the different kind of work and I think for me, it is good as well, because working in Cobham, working in the gym or on the pitch for three months, I think it would be difficult.


So we try to go to all the different places, all the different motivation, and it is good for me.


How often do you see the consultant who is in charge of your head?

Last week I spent a whole day in Oxford with the surgeon for some consultations and some tests. We are still waiting for the report from that but as far as I am concerned, we are looking very positive and very well.


Especially the brain is working very well and I haven't lost anything I had so for the moment it is looking very well.


There is still time to go with the skull fracture because it has not healed and I have to be patient with that, but hopefully that will go quickly as well.


Normally they take three months which from the incident will take us to the middle of January.

It is looking like that, about the middle of January I will be able to start training in the goal.


So I will just try to enjoy the time with my family, enjoy the time with the lads at the training ground and now I have plenty of time to work.


When I am back I will be much stronger than before because I will have another three months, or eight weeks, to work hard and I am really enjoying this part of the injury, even though it is really hard to accept that you can't play.


You have to see everyone playing on the pitch, working, laughing during the training sessions - what I can't do - but I am still enjoying myself because I know it is going to make me stronger.


How are you enjoying getting through watching games - watching Carlo, watching Hilario?

It has been difficult from that start but I think I have improved in watching my team-mates as well because in the first three or four games it was horrible.


I was so nervous that I was always walking around the telly because it was so difficult, you can't help anyone. Then even at the stadium it is hard to control the emotions but most of the games we won so that was the better part of this.


How do you feel about playing again? Have you got any concerns that you will find it difficult to play again?

Everyone is asking if I am afraid when I am back. But Carlo said the main thing - how can I be afraid of something I don't even remember?


That is exactly what it is going to be with me, because I don't remember anything from the game. I don't even remember the injury.


I woke up three days later and I had already 30 stitches on my head and it was difficult for me. But that game I don't remember so I don't think I am going to be afraid.