Posted on: Fri 22 Dec 2006

Petr Cech took another step this week on his way to a playing return when he resumed work with goalkeeping coach Silvino Louro. This is the first picture of that training.


Up until this point, the early stages of Cech's rehabilitation at Cobham following his skull injury have been overseen by the medical department. This week's were the first sessions with one of Jose Mourinho's coaching staff.


Wearing protective headgear, the jumping and catching is one part of a varied recovery programme.


In his recent long interview on the subject, Cech said:


'Sometimes it is in Cobham in the gym and then sometimes I am going to play tennis in Oxshott or sometimes I am going to the swimming pool.


'There is always the different kind of work and I think for me, it is good as well, because working in Cobham, working in the gym or on the pitch for three months, I think it would be difficult.


'So we try to go to all the different places, all the different motivation, and it is good for me.'