That's more like it!

I’m sure most Chelsea fans in America saw us claim a superb victory over Manchester United on Sunday. But we usually don't get to see the midweek games unless we have a flexible schedule and I bet the vast majority only get to do it occasionally. It really is a treat.

We are in an office, a cubicle or in the open air earning a living, so a match kicking off on a Tuesday between 11.45am – 2.45pm depending on your time zone is usually out of reach. Maybe you arrange your lunch hour around it, catch the second half, stream part of it on your phone in the break room. But following the whole contest is usually out of the question.

Last week however, I watched all of the Champions League tie against Roma. Or at least nearly all of it. It was staged on Halloween, a day taken very seriously here in New Orleans: we are home to many haunted houses and spooky residences, and the city is routinely portrayed as a cauldron of voodoo and vampires and ghosts and ghouls.

‘Trick or treating’ starts in the afternoon for the younger kids and the school where I work cancelled extra-curricular activities. With no football to coach, I was free to hit the pub, relax, and enjoy the rare luxury of a work-free midweek match.

I should have known it would be a cursed adventure when I missed the first goal by a matter of seconds. Because I had to wait for a bike-riding witch. Seriously.

As I was about to reverse into a parking spot, I saw a witch, complete with a broomstick straddling her cycle, appear behind me. Rather than back in I paused to let her pass on the inside. I guess when you are balancing your broomstick and trying to stop your pointy black hat from blowing off, bike riding takes longer than normal. By the time she cackled past, and I got inside, we were already 1-0 down.

I thought we played well the rest of the opening period though and even after their goal against the run of play, I fancied us to level it after the break. However, the second half as we now know turned out to be less a Halloween sparkler and more of a damp squib.

So more of a trick, and less of a treat for me this year. After Sunday's excellent victory though, maybe Thanksgiving will be a more enjoyable holiday for us Blues fans in the States.