Do it with class

‘Do it again, do it better, do it with class’. Those were the words - which now adorn the walls of the Chelsea Ladies hub in Cobham - from Emma Hayes at the start of the 2016 season, following on from our league and cup double the year before.

We may have failed to live up to this mantra in 2016, but that can all be forgiven after the emphatic showing in the Spring Series. Back in my last blog, ahead of the mini-tournament, I bravely proclaimed that this Chelsea Ladies team were ‘the real deal’ - a statement born from blind faith, perhaps, but I have been proven correct.

We shouldn’t pretend the campaign was perfect by any means, but it was pretty darn close. Class simply oozed out of this team, all over the pitch. We scored a lot of (excellent) goals, and our defence stood up strong to any and all challenges. We had big name stars, unexpected heroes, and quiet professionals. We had it all.

Sure, this wasn’t a ‘real’ league title - but whatever this tournament stood for, we were the best. We won it again, we played better, and we were top, top class.

The real questions come in September though; can we keep this scintillating form going in a full season, through four competitions? The truth remains to be seen, of course, but I’m going to maintain the faith, the unadulterated excitement, I had at the start of this year.

Because why not? The players we have, the personalities we have, and the setup we have are second to none. Everything is beginning to line up for us. Football is made from these feelings of pure hope - and I have plenty of that for this season. Whether it’s heroics or heartbreaks that follow, it’s going to be a story you won’t want to miss.