Mourinho: Eusebio is irreplaceable

Jose Mourinho has paid respect to Portuguese footballing great Eusebio, who passed away early on Sunday.

Mozambique-born Eusebio scored 41 times in 64 appearances for Portugal, while lifting 11 national titles with Benfica during a 15-year spell in Lisbon, where he also picked up two Golden Boot awards as Europe's leading goalscorer. He top-scored at the 1966 World Cup with nine goals.

'He's unique in our country,' Mourinho said. 'He's one of the greatest in the history of football, but for our country he's much more than that.

'Irreplaceable - his place in the history of Portuguese football, but more than that in the history of our country.

'He's a man that doesn't belong to Benfica, doesn't belong to a club, he belongs to a country and I prefer to say that people like him are immortal, because their history and their legacy remains forever.

'So of course I'm very sad, especially my assistant Silvino [Louro] because Eusebio was his coach for a long time, but I'm not so sad because I really feel that he's immortal for our country.'

Chelsea strikers Samuel Eto'o and Fernando Torres also paid their respects to the 71-year-old on their social media channels.