Houseman family sends thanks

Today (Monday) is the 40th anniversary of the car crash which took the life of Peter Houseman, an important player in the Chelsea sides that won the 1970 FA Cup and 1971 Cup Winners’ Cup.

The tragedy also killed his wife Sally leaving their three young sons Matt, Daniel and Nathan orphaned. To mark the anniversary and Peter’s memory, Matt (pictured above left) and Daniel (above right), plus Matt’s daughter Mair and Daniel’s son Peter, were guests of the club at the FA Cup match against Manchester United a week ago.

At half-time they were introduced to the crowd and walked around the pitch, receiving a tremendous ovation from both the Chelsea and the Man United supporters. Daniel, on behalf of his family, wishes to say thanks.

‘It was incredible, it was a really warm welcome for us and it was absolutely fantastic, I want to say a big thank you to everyone involved, the United fans too,’ he says.

‘There were probably a lot of supporters in the crowd who had watched my dad play week in week out, and to share a moment with them in memory of him was very special. It was an incredible evening and it was a great result in the match. 

‘It was very overwhelming for my son Peter when he went on the pitch, he was a little bit nervous.

‘I have always shown him things about his granddad and Chelsea but he is quite young and has not really got into it yet. Normally he says Chelsea this and Chelsea that, but on the way home I said to him what was your favourite part of the day and he said when WE scored. So he changed from Chelsea to we, which is a big moment. I think it was the crowd that did that!’

Prior to the game, the Housemans visited the museum at Stamford Bridge, where their father’s tracksuit top from the 1970 final and his winner’s medal from 1971 form part of special displays. They were greeted there by the captain of those teams, Ron Harris.

‘It is the first time we have seen those in the current museum and they have done a great job there with them,’ says Daniel, ‘and it was a privilege to meet Ron Harris again, he is great. And we met Lyn Osgood [Peter Osgood’s widow] as well as she was in the same box as us for the game, and that was a privilege as well, she said really nice things to us.’

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PETER HOUSEMAN'S FAMILY: Welcomed at Stamford Bridge