Clive's Pick: Chelsea v Everton

A radio and TV commentator and pundit for Chelsea throughout the season, Clive Walker reflects on aspects of Sunday’s game against Everton…

This week I am selecting the team effort defensively which was rewarded with the first clean sheet of the season.

Playing one of the biggest clubs around in Man City on the Monday before our game, as well as on Thursday away in Europe was a tough ask for Everton. They played very well against Man City and this weekend’s game could have been tough for us but with Everton’s travelling and the sweltering heat at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea had the opportunity to take advantage – and we did just that.

We looked tight, we looked compact and we had players back in like Pedro who makes a difference. People always say you start defending from the front and Willian and Pedro together, not only supported Alvaro Morata well but they also closed Everton down and forced them to move the ball a bit quicker than they wanted to.

At other times everybody in a Chelsea shirt dropped off, we became a bit tight and with Everton’s centre-forward Sandro Ramirez not trying to run in behind our defence much, we never got stretched in the first half.

All in all the defensive job was brilliant, the team work was great and importantly we also scored the goals.

The one new face in the defence yesterday compared with last season was Antonio Rudiger and you can see he is getting there in the way Antonio Conte wants him to play. It is made harder for him as he is having to play on the left-hand side rather than the right with Gary Cahill’s suspension, but he is competent and quick and he reads the game very well. He is getting used to his job. 

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