Chelsea and Shield select South African winners

Chelsea Foundation have given three aspiring footballers from South Africa the opportunity to visit our Cobham training centre for an exclusive experience with the Blues.

Players travelled from across South Africa to participate in a week-long development programme which was held in Johannesburg and ran by Chelsea Foundation coaches.

The programme, which was run in association with one of the club’s official partners Shield, South Africa’s number one deodorant brand, gave local football players the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train like champions and develop their football skills.

On the final day, Quade Roskruge, Joshua Roman and Alanzo Khun were named winners of the Shield Sbonis’ iDiski competition. They will now travel to England to visit the club’s state-of-the-art training complex and watch the Premier League Champions in action at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea Foundation international development manager Ian Woodroffe said: ‘This partnership with Shield has provided an amazing opportunity for aspiring footballers in South Africa.

‘We know the country holds many players with a huge passion for football and this competition has given them the chance to demonstrate their passion and ability. The Chelsea Foundation works hard to improve the lives of young people all over the world and we look forward to extending our work in South Africa.’

Senior brand manager for Shield South Africa Gareth Marshall said: ‘We are so honoured to offer this experience to this talented group of players. Our hope and aim is to provide a platform where they can showcase their skills and passion for the game.

‘We hope that this week has further challenged them as skilled football players and will help them see some of their goals and dreams become a reality.

‘The talent we’ve seen from these young men on the field has been impressive, and I’m excited to see them continue to pursue their dreams. Shield are dedicated to helping change the lives of these young footballers by providing them with opportunities to pursue their passions and strengthen their skills, both on and off the field.’

Building on the ground-breaking work of the Foundation at home in the UK, the international department continues to travel throughout the world, passing the ethos of the Foundation to thousands of young people around the globe.

Assisting our US Super Club partners and Asian Blue Pitches programme as well as supporting the work of the club, sponsors and partners, Foundation coaches have visited over 30 countries all over the globe.

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