Lamps lights up Tokyo

Frank Lampard is in Japan. The Chelsea legend has joined the visit to Asia celebrating our 2017 league championship success, with the Premier League trophy having moved on from Bangkok to Tokyo.

There was quite an event to greet our all-time top scorer in the Japanese capital city with the venue the British Embassy. Lampard was joined by Her Majesty’s British Ambassador to Japan, Paul Madden, for a question and answer session with supporters (more on that on this website later) but not before he had participated in a Chelsea Foundation coaching session for children held on the lawn of the British Embassy. 

 Frank Lampard and the British Ambassador to Japan at a fans' Q&A

The players aged 7 to 11 were from youth football team Shibuya Tobu FC and the British School in Tokyo.  

‘I’m here with Chelsea and their partners Yokohama,’ Lampard explained when speaking at the Embassy. ‘As Premier League champions, we’ve brought the Premier League trophy to Tokyo in Japan to the huge amount of fans we have here as a club.

‘I’ve spent the morning working with some young local footballers, taking part in a Chelsea Foundation coaching session and it’s been a very enjoyable day! I was involved in a session working on some dribbling and passing. The kids were very enthusiastic and showed some great turns. There’s some good talent there and I think at that young age, the most important thing is to enjoy their football and that’s certainly what they were doing.


Features 09/11/2017

‘I was very aware of the support Chelsea has in Japan,’ he added. ‘I felt it in my playing days when we came here and played in the Club World Cup in 2012. It’s a small world now and through social media I know how much of a base of fans we have here.

‘Tokyo is a very welcoming city and the people are fantastic. Coming through the airport, I got a really great welcome and signed some shirts and bits for some fans. It was a pleasant surprise but it’s nice that I’m still welcome here as an ex-Chelsea player so it has been a pleasure.'

As Lampard said, our principal partner Yokohama are playing an important part in Chelsea’s visit to Japan and as well as the 2016/17 Premier League win, the 100th anniversary of Yokohama is being honoured. In the evening, the former England international and the trophy were present at a special celebration dinner with Yokohama staff.