The Work Behind...Eden Hazard

In a Christmas special, Eden Hazard is the latest member of the squad to answer a selection of questions on the work players do behind the scenes at Cobham...


What time do you normally get to the training ground?

Usually about an hour before the session begins.

Do you eat breakfast at Cobham?

No, because I like to have breakfast with my kids before they go to school. For me, family is important, so to be able to have breakfast at home with the kids is special, then I come here and prepare for training.

What are your ideal training conditions?

I like it when it’s hot, but not too hot. Thirty degrees is too much. Around 15, with some sun, is good for me. Rain isn’t too bad but the worst thing is the wind because then the ball flies all over the place.

How many pairs of boots do you get through in a season?

I try to keep the same ones for training, and then when they get old I change them, so in a season I would probably get through around five or six pairs. For the matches, I try to change them every three or four games. I’m not superstitious at all.

What do you do after training? Any yoga or massages?

Yes, sometimes I do yoga. I like to do it around once every couple of weeks because the stretching is good for the body. I’m turning 27 next month so I’m not young anymore. Yoga and stretching can help my body.

Do you eat lunch at Cobham? Does your diet change as a match moves closer?

I have lunch at home and my diet doesn’t change just because a game is approaching. For the last 10 years I’ve eaten the same types of food, although I like some variety. I like to mix it up.