The Work Behind...Marcos Alonso

Marcos Alonso is the latest player to speak about his routine behind the scenes at our training ground...

On a typical day, what time do you get to Cobham, and what do you do before training begins?

We have to be here an hour before. Depending on how I feel, I go to the physio or I go to the gym for a bit. We always have breakfast together and we chat about our personal life and enjoy the time together. 

What do you have for breakfast?

It depends. Maybe eggs, if I arrive an hour or an hour-and-a-half before, or porridge. The chefs here take good care of us and everything we can have is good to get us ready for training. 

Do you always wear the same kit for training?

Depends on the weather. Normally it's very cold so I try to keep as warm as I can!

Is there anything unusual about your boots? Special size? Like them tight?

No, not really. I like to wear the same in training as in the games, and make myself feel good in them and get ready for the game. 

How many pairs of boots do you get through in a season?

Maybe eight, 10. 

What are your optimum training conditions weather wise?

Warm and sunny! Not too cold. I don't like to play in the wind, that's the worst. The rain I like sometimes, but not very, very cold. As long as it's warm, it's okay. 

Do you do extra work in the gym before or after training, and if so, what?

Sometimes I need to do some extra stuff to feel better and prepare for the game.

Do you use the pool? Why?

No, I don't really like the pool, but I do go to the ice baths sometimes. 

What do you normally eat for lunch? Does it change as a match gets closer?

Pasta. That's a big percent of my diet. And I don't change closer to a match.