Giroud: Never give up, always believe

Two-goal Olivier Giroud highlighted the importance of staying strong and maintaining belief after he rose from the bench to play a major part in the team’s win at Southampton.

Using his famed prowess in the air, the France international headed the Blues back into contention after we had gone 2-0 down at St Mary’s and then after Eden Hazard had made it 2-2, it was the boot of Giroud that secured a win that had looked unlikely for long periods of the game. They were his first Premier League goals for Chelsea.

‘Obviously I was waiting for that,’ he said after the game. ‘I have tried so many times to put it in the back of the net. When you are a striker you need to keep going and keep your confidence high, even if I have been playing a bit less in these recent weeks.

‘I really wanted to help the team bounce back in the second half. The beginning of the game is not what we wanted and is not what we were expecting but in football you always have the opportunity to step up and bounce back. We have shown great character and great spirit and I am very happy for the team.

‘I always used to say that football is an ever-lasting beginning so you always need to question yourself and in those moments the most important thing is to show some character. I have been through some difficult periods in my career and all the time I try to come back stronger and it has happened again in this game, and I am very pleased for me and for the team.’

Giroud agreed that Chelsea were very much up against it when he and Pedro were brought on just after the Saints had extended their lead with an hour on the clock. 

‘It was tough for us, the second goal was a difficult moment but the most important thing if you concede one or two goals is to never give up and believe in our quality and play our game. That is what we have done until the end and we are very proud of what we have done in this game with our amazing support from our fans.

‘When I came on I said to Eden we need to fight to the end, keep believing. I did not tell him that we are going to score, him and I, but I believed the first goal that we score maybe puts Southampton in a bad position and we succeeded to make it, and it is very nice for the team.’

In the same way we did not give up in Saturday lunchtime’s game, we are not giving up in the chase for a top-four place either.

‘As long as mathematically it is going to be possible, we are going to believe,’ said  Giroud, ‘so we take the games one by one and we have maybe five or six finals to play. Let’s do the job and we will see what the other teams do.’

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