New Foundation project launched at the Bridge

Stamford Bridge recently played host to the Chelsea Foundation’s newest project, Chelsea Champions.

The new programme will see the Foundation place full-time staff within secondary schools in order to increase physical activity, support leadership qualities and improve emotional wellbeing and resilience of pupils through a number of universal, targeted and individual initiatives.

Pupils from Thomas Bennet Community College, Pimlico Academy, Chelsea Academy, Clacton Coastal Academy and Fulham College Academy Trust were invited to the Bridge to be part of the exciting launch. The event began with journalist and television broadcasters Jonny Gould and Martin Daubney speaking to the children about the book Striker Boy and mental health.

The children then separated into groups to take part in a variety of activities, focused on physical activity, emotional wellbeing, health, resilience and coping mechanisms before being treated to a private tour of the stadium.

Senior Chelsea Champions Officer, Joanne Tighe said: ‘The Chelsea Champions project features 5 full time members of staff based in five Secondary Schools; three in London, one in Essex and one in West Sussex’.

‘Each member of staff is there to improve and develop emotional wellbeing, resilience, coping mechanisms and life skills in young people’.

‘They are also in there to promote some of our core programmes like Premier League Enterprise, Kicks, Futsal and our other coaching activities but the main aim is to deliver mentoring, family focused sessions, after school clubs, breakfast clubs, peer mentoring, leadership and volunteering programmes to help students develop, attack life and deal with the challenges that they may face in the future.’

She added: ‘Young people need to understand how being physically active is important for their emotional wellbeing.’

We don’t have to be the best at sport to take part and feel the benefits within our thoughts and feelings.’

‘I think it’s very important because they are our next generation, they need to think about how they can look after themselves – not just physically but emotionally.’

To learn more about this project or any of the Foundation’s community work, contact or click here for more information.