Jose Mourinho has spoken more of his love for the club to which he has returned after six years away, while also promising our Malaysian support an entertaining game at the Shah Alam Stadium on Sunday.

Mourinho and the squad arrived in Kuala Lumpur after a short flight from Bangkok on Thursday afternoon, and after a couple of hours of rest before a team dinner, Mourinho then met members of the media at the hotel on the outskirts of the city to preview the match against a Malaysia national team XI.

The manager opened the occasion by sharing his thoughts with our hosts.

'It is my second time here in Malaysia, but the first time working. It's the first time I am going to play a match and feel the passion this country has for football,' he said. 'In spite of my club being in pre-season, and we are preparing ourselves for the official season that starts next month, we feel a big responsibility because we have to give back the love this country has for football.

'We will face the match with professionalism but this notion of what you deserve, a big match. Both the Malaysian team and Chelsea will give a good football show and leave everybody more in love with football and with Chelsea Football Club.'

His is a love Mourinho has spoken about plenty already, but he visited the subject again when asked what Chelsea had to offer.

'It is the only Premier League club I know so I cannot say and cannot compare with other clubs,' he began. 'Chelsea is my first, my second, my only club in the Premier League, so I cannot speak about the other clubs. This club has so much to offer.

'I left the club in 2007, I went to two fantastic football countries like Italy and Spain, two fantastic clubs like Inter Milan and Real Madrid and I was always wishing to be back. This club is so special that I am back and I hope to stay for a long time. That's the only thing I can say to every other professional in the world. This is my own experience. I'm back and so happy to be back.

'I think the most important thing in football, for players or for managers, is the passion and the happiness, the feelings you have for a club. We are all professionals at the same time in love with our job. If you can execute your mission, your job, as a player or manager, not just because you are paid for it, or it's your work, but because you can do it with happiness and passion, with deep feelings, that's the most important thing.

'In this second part of my career, because I just turned 50, the most important thing for me is a deep feeling with a really special football club. Not many clubs are you not there and people remember you and sing your name, all over the world. I don't think you can have a better feeling. If Chelsea became a special club for me, it's because Chelsea can be a special club for anybody.'

He was asked whether he expects more support in the 68,000-capacity stadium than the opposition on Sunday evening. The response was given diplomatically.

'I've no idea but for example yesterday in Bangkok the stadium was blue, we could feel it,' he said. 'But more important than the stadium to be our stadium or Malaysian fans, many of them will be both. If they are Malaysian they will support their team but probably Chelsea is their favourite club in Europe and England. More important is they enjoy the match, and we both have responsibilities as coaches in the way we lead our teams and present our teams on the pitch. We have a responsibility to feed that emotion and that passion. It must be a good football match.'

Towards the end of the conference, Mourinho was asked about his squad. He gave a definitive, 'No chance,' when asked if either David Luiz or Juan Mata would be allowed to leave, before explaining our transfer dealings so far.

'We signed three players and recovered very important players we had on loan. Michael Essien was at Real Madrid, Kevin De Bruyne in Werder Bremen, Tomas Kalas in Vitesse and Romelu Lukaku in West Brom,' he said.

'Chelsea prepared itself well in the past by having players on loan where they could play regularly, so we signed three and paid for two but we have seven, so it's fantastic work this summer.'

On the field, that work will continue tomorrow with double training.