On arrival in Indonesia, Jose Mourinho expressed his hope that Chelsea's historic game on Thursday night will be one to entertain.

The Blues take on the BNI Indonesia All-Stars on Thursday in Jakarta but two days ahead of that match, the passion for the team is already clearly in evidence as we add a new country to the list of places played.

Those fans will see a game that is primarily about preparation for contests to come, but having given the Chelsea fans in Thailand and Malaysia something to cheer, the aim is to win and hopefully win in a memorable way.

'The strategy is always simple - we want to improve and to improve the players have to play seriously,' Mourinho explained. 'This is the most important thing for our team and the other important thing is to respect the fans Chelsea have around the world.

'It will probably be a full stadium and the best way to respect the fans is to play well and make the people happy. I think the Indonesian coach and players have the same desire we have and to have a good match you need two good teams, so hopefully together with the other team we can give the fans what they want.

'The Indonesian team will play with big motivation and I am going to use two teams, 45 minutes for each player like in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, because of our objective is to give players minutes and play the best we can at this moment.

'The point is to develop our team and we won't spend hours analysing the games they have just played against Liverpool and Arsenal, but probably after this game I will be impressed with some of their players and their team. Hopefully two good teams can give a good game for the fans.'

Mourinho was speaking at a conference near the team's hotel just an hour after arriving in the Indonesian capital, and he was asked by a local journalist the reason why Chelsea travel to Asia to play games.

'Chelsea is big club that wants to be even bigger,' he responded, 'and to be a big club you don't just need to win trophies, you need much more than that and one of things we need is a big fanbase worldwide and one of the reasons we travel a lot this pre-season is for that objective.

'We must feed the passion we feel has built up around this club and we are here because we want Chelsea bigger and bigger and bigger.

'The pre-season is going well,' he reported.

'We are without six of our players because they were in the Confederations Cup and are still in the holiday period but the group in Asia is working very hard. We think we are going in the right direction.'

Mourinho was also asked to respond to a comment by Manchester United manager David Moyes, saying that a lot of Premier League sides will not have their squads finalised until late in the open transfer window.

'It depends on the philosophy of each club but the sooner you have the players the better because you have time to work,' Mourinho said, 'but yes, he [Moyes] is right because the market is open until 31st August and many clubs wait for the last moment to make their decisions. These decisions affect a lot of clubs, so it looks like no club is safe that is keen to sell and it can steal the balance that a manager has when he is working with a team.

'We are lucky because we don't have players to sell and none of my players are leaving under any circumstance, but many teams until the last moments will be under pressure, not knowing what squad they will have.'