Club Category PLATINUM
Contact Jens Busch Jr
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Twitter @ChelseaFCAustin
Contact Number N/A
Date founded Fall of 2004. Became an Official Platinum club in 2011-12 season.
Club meetings We meet for all live games at the Haymaker. Haymaker is located at 2310 Manor Road, Austin, Tx 78722. We are centrally located just a mile east of the University of Texas Campus. If you have doubts whether the game is being aired, please call 512-243-6702. You can also check our Facebook page where we post all the activities of the club. Wear your Blue and we will see you there!
How many members We have 166 members of which 65 are True Blue Members.
Club officials Jens Busch Jr, founder/secretary; Rob Thrift, asst secretary; Michael Volonnino, treasurer; Arif Chowdhury, Asst treasurer, Bentley O'Quinn, Brian Walsh.
Additional info

We are a social club with a deep connection to Chelsea FC. We like to watch games together and create a festive atmosphere for all Chelsea fans. We support several charities with fundraisers and respect our fellow fans at games. We like to sing and chant, but we are not aggressive in our language or behavior to other fans who may be in attendance. We welcome all Chelsea fans and hope you come and join us for a game.

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