Other management staff - medical and fitness

Jason Palmer

Head physiotherapist

Thierry Laurent

Rehabilitation co-ordinator and joint head physiotherapist. A specialist in rehabilitation working with a first-team focus. Came from the French national team in 2005.

Jon Fearn

First Team Physiotherapist. Joined Chelsea in January 2010 from Reading, where he was head of sports medicine for nine years. Previously first-team physiotherapist at West Ham. 

Ivan Ortega

Lead manual therapist. Joined the club's staff in July 2011 following two years at Liverpool, and works with the first team squad.

Steven Hughes

On-loan player physiotherapist. Started as part time physio in the Academy in 2001 and has been full-time since 2004. Previously worked with Charlton Athletic.

Billy McCulloch

Massage therapist. Joined the club in 2001 having previously worked in his home town of Swindon. Has also worked with the England and Scotland national teams.

Stuart Sullivan

Sports therapist. Another long-term staff member, Stuart worked at Watford and Reading before moving to Chelsea in 2004, and worked with England during the 2010 World Cup.

Manoel Ribeiro

Massage therapist. In his fourth season with Chelsea, Manoel previously worked at West Ham and Fulham, as well as for the Cirque du Soleil and the Royal Ballet.

Simon Morris

Massage therapist. Previously with the English Institute of Sport and UK Athletics, joined Chelsea in 2009.

Kate Jordan

Medical administrator.