Enviromental Pledges

Chelsea have pledged to reduce our emissions by 10 per cent, join us in helping to protect the environment. Below are details of the three key elements of this aim.

Firstly, asking fans to make enviromental pledges of things they can do in their own lives to help. Secondly, encouraging people who travel to games by car to consider sharing with fellow fans and taking part in the Lift Share Scheme and thirdly, an overview of the club's overall enviromental policy.



Pledges You Can Make

I will turn down my heating by 1 degree 

Turning down your heating by just 1 degree can cut your heating bills by up to 10 per cent and save £ 30 and 200 kg of CO2 


I will use public transport to come to the game

Using public transport can cut CO2 emissions by over 60%. Walking 1 mile can burn up to 100 calories


I will not leave my TV on standby when I come to the game

Turning appliances off and avoiding standby can save £ 30 and 133 kg of CO2


I will make sure my computer is turned off when I finish work


I will wash clothes at lower temperatures

Washing clothes at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees can cut energy consumption by washing machines by 40% and save £10 per year and 45 kg of CO2


I will install energy saving lightbulbs

Fitting energy saving lightbulbs in your home can save £40 and 172 kg of CO2


Lift Share

Chelsea Football Club has teamed up with a fans group to establish a Lift Share Scheme for supporters.

Set up at the request of the Chelsea Fans Environmental Committee, the scheme is designed to reduce travel costs as well as congestion and pollution. It is accessed online and enables fans travelling to home and away games to save money, as well as share lifts and their matchday experiences with fellow supporters.

>> visit the Chelsea Liftshare website