Debut scorers

Statistics correct to the end of 2014/15 season

James Robertson30-Sep-051Leicester (a) W 1-0Division Two
Francis O’Hara07-Oct-0521st Grenadiers (h) W 6-1FA Cup
Frank Pearson14-Oct-052Lincoln (a) W 4-1Division Two
George Hilsdon01-Sep-065Glossop (h) W 9-2Division Two
James Frost15-Dec-061Clapton Orient (h) W 2-1Division Two
Ben Whitehouse12-Jan-071Lincoln (a) D 2-2FA Cup
Arthur Wileman25-Sep-091Arsenal (a) L 2-3Division One
James Bradshaw04-Dec-091Bristol City (h) W 4-1Division One
George Dodd14-Oct-111Nottm Forest (h) W 2-0Division Two
George Hunter01-Mar-131Man City (h) W 2-1Division One
Harold Halse06-Sep-131Tottenham (h) L 1-3Division One
Andy Walker13-Sep-131Oldham (a) L 2-3Division One
Bob McNeil05-Sep-141Tottenham (a) D 1-1Division One
Harry Wilding30-Aug-191Everton (a) W 3-2Division One
Jack Cock01-Nov-192Bradford PA (h) W 4-0Division One
Buchanan Sharp28-Feb-202Blackburn (h) W 2-1Division One
James Ferris06-Sep-201Bolton (a) L 1-3Division One
Dr John Bell11-Sep-201Man Utd (a) L 1-3Division One
William Haywood14-Apr-221Aston Villa (h) W 1-0Division One
James Armstrong23-Dec-221Tottenham (a) L 1-3Division One
Andy Wilson01-Dec-231Preston (a) D 1-1Division One
Willie Brown01-Mar-241West Brom (a) D 2-2Division One
Bob Turnbull07-Feb-251Southampton (h) W 1-0Division Two
Jimmy Thompson27-Aug-271Reading (a) W 2-1Division Two
Willie Jackson31-Mar-281Nottm Forest (a) D 2-2Division Two
Sidney Elliot25-Aug-281Swansea (h) W 4-0Division Two
Jack Meredith27-Oct-281Southampton (h) D 1-1Division Two
Reg Weaver13-Mar-292Notts County (a) L 3-4Division Two
Wilf Chitty06-Apr-321Liverpool (a) L 1-2Division One
James Copeland09-Sep-331Sheffield Utd (a) L 1-4Division One
Harry Burgess16-Mar-351Leeds (h) W 7-1Division One
Sidney Bidewell04-Dec-372Huddersfield (h) W 3-1Division One
Tommy Lawton05-Jan-461Leicester (h) D 1-1FA Cup
Alex Machin26-Jan-461West Ham (h) W 2-0FA Cup
John McInnes03-May-471Sheffield Utd (h) L 1-4Division One
Jimmy Bowie17-Sep-472Sunderland (a) W 3-2Division One
Bobby Campbell04-Oct-472Aston Villa (h) W 4-2Division One
Jack Allister12-Mar-521Newcastle (h) W 1-0Division One
Jim Lewis04-Oct-521Charlton (a) D 2-2Division One
Frank Blunstone14-Mar-531Tottenham (a) W 3-2Division One
Seamus O’Connell16-Oct-543Man Utd (h) L 5-6Division One
Ron Tindall12-Nov-551West Brom (h) W 2-0Division One
Jimmy Greaves24-Aug-571Tottenham (a) D 1-1Division One
Barry Bridges07-Feb-591West Ham (h) W 3-2Division One
Bobby Tambling07-Feb-591West Ham (h) W 3-2Division One
Johnny Brooks12-Dec-591Blackpool (a) L 1-3Division One
George Graham29-Aug-641Sunderland (h) W 3-1Division One
Peter Osgood16-Dec-642Workington (h) W 2-0League Cup
John Boyle20-Jan-651Aston Villa (a) W 3-2League Cup
Tommy Baldwin01-Oct-661Man City (a) W 4-1Division One
Ian Hamilton18-Mar-671Tottenham (a) D 1-1Division One
Alan Birchenall02-Dec-671Sunderland (a) W 3-2Division One
Peter Feely24-Apr-711Coventry (h) W 2-1Division One
Tommy Ord07-Apr-731Stoke (h) L 1-3Division One
Duncan McKenzie09-Sep-781Coventry (a) L 2-3Division One
Chris Hutchings31-Oct-80(sub)1Cardiff (a) W 1-0Division Two
Bryan Robson28-Aug-821Cambridge (a) W 1-0Division Two
David Speedie18-Sep-822Oldham (h) W 2-0Division Two
Kerry Dixon27-Aug-832Derby (h) W 5-0Division Two
Nigel Spackman27-Aug-831Derby (h) W 5-0Division Two
Gordon Davies08-Dec-841Sheffield Wed (a) D 1-1Division One
Duncan Shearer01-Feb-861Leicester (h) D 2-2Division One
Colin West07-Mar-871Arsenal (h) W 1-0Division One
David Lee01-Oct-88(sub)1Leicester (h) W 2-1Division Two
Graham Stuart16-Apr-901Crystal Palace (h) W 3-0Division Two
Paul Elliott17-Aug-911Wimbledon (h) D 2-2Division One
Joe Allon17-Aug-91(sub)1Wimbledon (h) D 2-2Division One
Tony Cascarino08-Feb-921Crystal Palace (h) D 1-1Division One
Eddie Newton02-May-92(sub)1Everton (a) L 1-2Division One
Mick Harford15-Aug-921Oldham (h) D 1-1Premier League
Gavin Peacock14-Aug-931Blackburn (h) L 1-2Premier League
Paul Furlong20-Aug-941Norwich (h) W 2-0Premier League
Paul Hughes18-Jan-97(sub)1Derby (h) W 3-1Premier League
Tore Andre Flo09-Aug-97(sub)1Coventry (a) L 2-3Premier League
George Weah12-Jan-00(sub)1Tottenham (h) W 1-0Premier League
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink13-Aug-001Man Utd (Wembley) W 2-0Community Shield
Boudewijn Zenden19-Aug-011Newcastle (h) D 1-1Premier League
Adrian Mutu23-Aug-031Leicester (h) W 2-1Premier League
Andriy Shevchenko13-Aug-061Liverpool (Cardiff) L 1-2Community Shield
Florent Malouda05-Aug-071Man Utd (Wembley) D 1-1*Community Shield
*lost 0-3 on pens
Deco17-Aug-081Portsmouth (h) W 4-0Premier League
Juan Mata27-Aug-11(sub)1Norwich (h) W 3-1Premier League
Demba Ba05-Jan-132Southampton (a) W 5-1FA Cup
Diego Costa18-Aug-141Burnley (a) W 3-1Premier League
Loic Remy13-Sep-14(sub)1Swansea (h) W 4-2Premier League
Kurt Zouma24-Sep-141Bolton (h) W 2-1League Cup
Alexandre Pato02-Apr-161Aston Villa (a) W 4-0Premier League