Statistics correct until the end of the 2015/16 season

Chelsea have scored 143 hat-tricks or better. 115 League, 12 FA Cup (including one double), 7 League Cup, 6 in Europe and 3 Full Members’ Cup.

Most individual goals in a match have been 6 by George Hilsdon and 5 by Hilsdon, Jimmy Greaves three times, Bobby Tambling, Peter Osgood and Gordon Durie.

On 22 occasions 4 have been scored. Of the 67 players to have scored hat-tricks or more, the most prolific are: Jimmy Greaves 13, George Hilsdon (including one double) 9, Bobby Tambling and Kerry Dixon 8, Peter Osgood and Frank Lampard 5 and Jimmy Windridge, Joe Bambrick and Didier Drogba 4.


Sep-05Jimmy Windridge3 v Hull (h) 5-1Division Two
Dec-05James Robertson3 v Stockport (h) 4-2Division Two
Apr-06Jimmy Windridge3 v Burton (a) 4-2Division Two
Sep-06George Hilsdon5 v Glossop (h) 9-2Division Two
Feb-07James Robertson3 v Lincoln (a) 5-0Division Two
Apr-07Jimmy Windridge3 v Chesterfield (h) 7-1Division Two
Apr-07Jimmy Windridge3 v Gainsborough (h) 4-1Division Two
Nov-07George Hilsdon4 v Bristol C (h) 4-1Division One
Dec-07George Hilsdon3 v Bury (h) 3-4Division One
Jan-08George Hilsdon6 v Worksop (h) 9-1FA Cup
Apr-08George Hilsdon3 v Everton (a) 3-0Division One
Nov-08George Hilsdon3 v Everton (h) 3-3Division One
Jan-09George Hilsdon3 v Middlesboro (a) 4-1Division One
Dec-10George Hilsdon3 v Leeds City (a) 3-3Division Two
Feb-12Bob Whittingham3 v Nottm For (a) 3-2Division Two
Mar-12Bob Whittingham3 v Clapton Orient (h) 3-0Division Two
Sep-12Vivian Woodward3 v Sheff Utd (h) 4-2Division One
Jan-13Bob Whittingham4 v Southend (h) 5-2FA Cup
Apr-13Harry Ford3 v Notts Co (h) 5-2Division One
Nov-19Jack Cock3 v Preston (h) 4-0Division One
Sep-24William Whitton3 v Oldham (a) 5-0Division Two
Sep-24William Whitton4 v Leicester (h) 4-0Division Two
Jan-25Harold Miller3 v Oldham (h) 4-1Division Two
Sep-25Bob Turnbull3 v Barnsley (h) 3-2Division Two
Nov-25Bob Turnbull3 v Stockport (h) 3-2Division Two
Dec-26Willie Brown3 v Barnsley (h) 4-2Division Two
Jan-27Bob Turnbull3 v Accrington S (h) 7-2FA Cup
Dec-27Jimmy Thompson4 v South Shields (h) 6-0Division Two
Mar-28Jimmy Thompson3 v Grimsby (h) 4-0Division Two
Dec-28Jimmy Thompson3 v Stoke (h) 3-1Division Two
Sep-30Alec Cheyne3 v Man Utd (h) 6-2Division One
Apr-32Hughie Gallacher3 v Newcastle (h) 4-1Division One
May-33Hughie Gallacher3 v Man City (a) 4-1Division One
Dec-34Dick Spence4 v Liverpool (h) 4-1Division One
Mar-35Joe Bambrick4 v Leeds Utd (h) 7-1Division One
Mar-35Dick Spence3 v Blackburn (h) 4-2Division One
Apr-35Joe Bambrick4 v Man City (h) 4-2Division One
Sep-35Joe Bambrick3 v Stoke (h) 3-5Division One
Jan-36Joe Bambrick3 v Norwich (h) 3-1FA Cup
Apr-36Dick Spence3 v Preston (h) 5-2Division One
Nov-36George Mills3 v Everton (h) 4-0Division One
Feb-37George Mills3 v Man City (h) 4-4Division One
Aug-37George Mills3 v Liverpool (h) 6-1Division One
Oct-37Jimmy Argue3 v Bolton (a) 5-5Division One
Jan-39Joe Payne3 v Middlesbrough (h) 4-2Division One
Dec-46Tommy Lawton3 v Huddersfield (a) 4-1Division One
Nov-47Ken Armstrong3 v Stoke (h) 4-1Division One
Feb-52Seamus D’Arcy3 v Middlesbrough (h) 5-0Division One
Mar-52Bobby Smith3 v Leeds Utd (a) 5-1FA Cup
Aug-53Jim Lewis3 v Portsmouth (h) 4-3Division One
Dec-53John McNichol3 v Blackpool (h) 5-1Division One
Oct-54Seamus O’Connell3 v Man Utd (h) 5-6Division One
Feb-55Roy Bentley3 v Newcastle (h) 4-3Division One
Dec-55Frank Blunstone3 v Portsmouth (a) 4-4Division One
Apr-56Roy Bentley3 v Everton (h) 6-1Division One
Sep-56Jim Lewis3 v Portsmouth (h) 3-3Division One
Dec-57Jimmy Greaves4 v Portsmouth (h) 7-4Division One
Feb-58Jimmy Greaves3 v Sheffield Wed (a) 3-2Division One
Aug-58Jimmy Greaves5 v Wolves (h) 6-2Division One
Sep-58Jimmy Greaves3 v Nottm Forest (h) 4-1Division One
Aug-59Jimmy Greaves3 v Preston (h) 4-4Division One
Sep-59Jimmy Greaves3 v Birmingham (h) 4-2Division One
Dec-59Jimmy Greaves5 v Preston (a) 5-4Division One
Aug-60Jimmy Greaves3 v Wolves (h) 3-3Division One
Sep-60Jimmy Greaves3 v Blackburn (h) 5-2Division One
Nov-60Ron Tindall3 v Newcastle (h) 4-2Division One
Nov-60Jimmy Greaves3 v Man City (h) 6-3Division One
Dec-60Jimmy Greaves5 v West Brom (h) 7-1Division One
Mar-61Jimmy Greaves4 v Newcastle (a) 6-1Division One
Apr-61Jimmy Greaves4 v Nottm Forest (h) 4-3Division One
Sep-61Bobby Tambling3 v Sheff Utd (h) 6-1Division One
Oct-61Bobby Tambling3 v Sheff Wed (a) 3-5Division One
Nov-61Barry Bridges3 v West Brom (h) 4-1Division One
Oct-62Bobby Tambling3 v Derby (a) 3-1Division Two
Dec-62Bobby Tambling4 v Charlton (a) 4-1Division Two
May-63Bobby Tambling4 v Portsmouth (h) 7-0Division Two
Mar-64Bobby Tambling4 v Arsenal (a) 4-2Division One
Oct-64Barry Bridges3 v Blackburn (h) 5-1Division One
Nov-64George Graham3 v Birmingham (a) 6-1Division One
Sep-65Terry Venables3 v AS Roma (h) 4-1Fairs Cup
Sep-66Bobby Tambling5 v Aston Villa (a) 6-2Division One
Oct-68Tommy Baldwin3 v Leicester (h) 3-0Division One
Dec-68David Webb3 v Ipswich (a) 3-1Division One
Feb-69Bobby Tambling4 v Sunderland (h) 5-1Division One
Dec-69Peter Osgood4 v C Palace (a) 5-1Division One
Jan-70Peter Osgood3 v Sunderland (h) 3-1Division One
Feb-70Peter Osgood3 v QPR (a) 4-2FA Cup
Sep-71Peter Osgood3 v Jeunesse (a) 8-0Cup Winners’ Cup
Sep-71Peter Osgood5 v Jeunesse (h) 13-0Cup Winners’ Cup
Sep-71Tommy Baldwin3 v Jeunesse (h) 13-0Cup Winners’ Cup
Nov-71Tommy Baldwin3 v Bolton (a) 6-0League Cup
Sep-74Chris Garland3 v Newport (h) 4-2League Cup
May-77Steve Finnieston3 v Hull (h) 4-0Division Two
Dec-77Tommy Langley3 v Birmingham (a) 5-4Division One
Nov-79Lee Frost3 v Orient (a) 7-3Division Two
Oct-80Colin Lee3 v Newcastle (h) 6-0Division Two
Jan-82Clive Walker3 v Shrewsbury (h) 3-1Division Two
Apr-82Clive Walker3 v Grimsby (a) 3-3Division Two
Sep-83Kerry Dixon4 v Gillingham (h) 4-0League Cup
Dec-83Paul Canoville3 v Swansea (h) 6-1Division Two
Apr-84Kerry Dixon3 v Leeds Utd (h) 5-0Division Two
Nov-84Kerry Dixon3 v Coventry (h) 6-2Division One
Nov-84Kerry Dixon3 v Man City (h) 4-1League Cup
Dec-84Gordon Davies3 v Everton (a) 4-3Division One
Jan-85Kerry Dixon4 v Wigan (a) 5-0FA Cup
Dec-85Kerry Dixon3 v Oxford (a) 4-1Full Members’ Cup
Mar-86David Speedie3 v Man City (Wembley) 5-4Full Members’ Cup
Oct-87Gordon Durie3 v Reading (h) 3-2League Cup
Feb-89Gordon Durie5 v Walsall (a) 7-0Division Two
Apr-89Kerry Dixon4 v Barnsley (h) 5-3Division Two
Nov-89Alan Dickens3 v Bournemouth (a) 3-2Full Members’ Cup
May-90Kerry Dixon3 v Millwall (a) 3-1Division One
Feb-96Gavin Peacock3 v Middlesbrough (h) 5-0Premier League
Apr-96Mark Hughes3 v Leeds Utd (h) 4-1Premier League
Aug-97Gianluca Vialli4 v Barnsley (a) 6-0Premier League
Nov-97Gianluca Vialli3 v Tromso (h) 7-1Cup Winners’ Cup
Nov-97Gianfranco Zola3 v Derby (h) 4-0Premier League
Dec-97Tore Andre Flo3 v Tottenham (a) 6-1Premier League
Oct-98Gianluca Vialli3 v Aston Villa (h) 4-1League Cup
Dec-99Gustavo Poyet3 v Hull (a) 6-1FA Cup
Oct-00Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink4 v Coventry (h) 6-1Premier League
Mar-02Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink3 v Tottenham (h) 4-0Premier League
Mar-04Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink3 v Wolves (h) 5-2Premier League (sub)
Oct-04Eidur Gudjohnsen3 v Blackburn (h) 4-0Premier League
Sep-06Didier Drogba3 v Levski Sofia (a) 3-1Champions League
Nov-06Didier Drogba3 v Watford (h) 4-0Premier League
Jan-07Frank Lampard3 v Macclesfield (h) 6-1FA Cup
Oct-07Frank Lampard3 v Leicester (h) 4-3League Cup
Mar-08Frank Lampard4 v Derby (h) 6-1Premier League
Nov-08Nicolas Anelka3 v Sunderland (h) 5-0Premier League
Feb-09Nicolas Anelka3 v Watford (a) 3-1FA Cup
Mar-10Frank Lampard4 v Aston Villa (h) 7-1Premier League
Apr-10Salomon Kalou3 v Stoke (h) 7-0Premier League
May-10Didier Drogba3 v Wigan (h) 8-0Premier League
Aug-10Didier Drogba3 v West Brom (h) 6-0Premier League
Oct-11Frank Lampard3 v Bolton (a) 5-1Premier League
Apr-12Fernando Torres3 v QPR (h) 6-1Premier League
Jan-14Samuel Eto’o3 v Man Utd (h) 3-1Premier League
Feb-14Eden Hazard3 v Newcastle (h) 3-0Premier League
Mar 14Andre Schurrle3 v Fulham (a) 3-1Premier League
Sep 14Diego Costa3 v Swansea (h) 4-2Premier League
Jan 16Oscar3 v MK Dons (h) 5-1FA Cup