Tout info

Valid tickets for Chelsea matches should only be sold at the face value shown on the ticket. If you pay more than the face value or have bought the ticket from a tout or an online ticket agency your ticket will be invalid and you are likely to be refused entry or ejected from the stadium.

However, if you send details of the tickets to the matter will be investigated. The unauthorised sale of football tickets is a criminal offence under UK law.


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding ticket touts selling Chelsea tickets please contact us via one of these methods:

Call: 020 7958 2190 (or for international customers call 020 7836 9373)



Official Sellers

You can purchase official tickets and packages from these official sources :

>> Chelsea FC (non hospitality tickets)

>> Chelsea FC - (hospitality packages)

>> Thomas Cook

>> Chelsea Hotels

These sellers are also authorised...

  • Champions Travel
  • Travel Connections
  • Go Sport Travel
  • Travel2Football
  • Circuit Hospitality
  • Steve Perryman
  • Thomas Cook
  • Ambro Travel Service
  • Ambro Sports & Events
  • Entertainment Travel
  • E-Voyages
  • Be Resor
  • Box Share
  • Coltour
  • Touristico Entertainment
  • Touristico Hotels 
  • ATS
  • Club Journeyman
  • Event Masters
  • LA Travel
  • Epic Group 
  • Sporting Affair
  • Bow Lane Travel
  • Viagogo
  • RCI Tickets 
  • DAM Management 


Unauthorised Websites

All the websites below are unauthorised sellers and SHOULD NEVER BE USED to purchase Chelsea tickets because you will pay well above the original price for the tickets and you could be refused entry to the stadium or ejected. Many tickets sold by unauthorised agencies or by touts on the street have been stolen or otherwise obtained illegally.  

The following list is not exhaustive, particularly as new sites are being created as others are closed down by the police. If in any doubt, contact Chelsea at

Unauthorised websites Leisure Limited

City ticket trader

craigslist football tickets

Ellis Rosen Travel / ER Travel

Foxgreen leisure trade as

ITE Brokerage

OT Brokers (Ireland)

Taylor events (Sweden)

The city tickets brokers (FNAC) (mission impossible) (CARREFOUR)