Chelsea TV : Live


22 Oct

Analyse That, Pat: Hazard v Maribor (H) UCL 14/15

Chelsea v Maribor UCL 14/15 - 1st Half

Chelsea v Maribor UCL 14/15 - 2nd Half

Blues News Headlines: Wednesday 22 October - 1pm

Headlines: Gourlay leaves the Blues


23 Oct

Headlines: Players back in training ahead of Manchester Utd

The Complete Highlights Show 14/15: 23 October

Blues News Headlines: Thursday 23 October

Rewind: Manchester Utd (A)

Analyse That, Pat: Ake v Maribor (H) UCL 14/15


Fri 24 Oct

Headlines: Remy out, Diego Costa has a small chance

Mourinho: Diego Costa has a little chance

Friday Night Live: 24 October 2014


Sat 25 Oct

Analyse That, Pat: Strikers v Maribor (H) UCL 14/15


Sun 26 Oct

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Wherever They May Be and Live Commentary - 3pm


27 Oct

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Manager's Press Conference - 12:30pm

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Weekend Review - 6:30pm

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U21s Live: Tottenham v Chelsea - 7pm


28 Oct

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Matchnight Live and Live Commentary - 6:30pm

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Matchnight Live - 10:15pm


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