The Official Chelsea Website was one of the very first 'official' club sites in the country when it was launched way back in February 1997.

But to find the real birth of the Chelsea Website, you have to go further back.... 

At the start of the 1995/96 season there were precisely zero websites about Chelsea Football Club. The concept of websites in general about football clubs was still a pretty new idea and no club had an 'official' site.  

A fan looking to learn about web design (in the future to be known simply as 'Jax') decided to create his own small web page, but what could the site be about? How about Chelsea! 

So on 22 November 1995, 'Jax Chelsea Web Page' was born, initially merely as part hobby, part learning ground, with little idea how popular it would rapidly become. (Jax by the way was merely an abbreviation of 'Jack's'. It was never intended to be a nickname, but it stuck).

In a very short space of time it was no longer a small web page but a rather large one and proving to be a huge success with the visitors. Its unique ability to be both a valuable resource but above all fun, proved very popular.

Then all the attention it was gaining came to the notice of Chelsea Football Club. They were looking to join the new internet revolution and took the decision to hire Jax to build and run the new official site - which he is still doing 11 years later!

So the unofficial site became the official site on 25 February 1997 and it has evolved and grown down the years, and through a policy of redesigning roughly every two years to keep up-to-date with the latest web technologies (this is now the sixth official version) it is, we believe, the best football club website around.

The site has always tried to strike a balance between providing official, fact-based stories produced in a professional and stylish way, while at the same time not forgetting its fan based roots and keeping a certain edge to it.  

With the latest design we have tried to maintain that again, taking the fan-based user generated element to another level with The Shed section providing an area for fans to create their own content.

We hope you enjoy and are proud of your Official Website and we're always open to suggestions for new areas or improvements.