Club Statements

Website History

As one of the earliest football clubs to establish its official presence on the internet, Chelsea has a rich interactive history that dates back nearly two decades.

Having maintained one of the more popular Chelsea fan sites during the early days of the world wide web, Blues fans Jax developed the first version of the official Chelsea website, which was launched in 1997 and proved a hit with supporters thanks to regular news updates and the wealth of background information that it provided about the club.

But while having an early online presence was good, the pace of modern technology means a constant need to innovate and so for the past 18 years, the club’s interactive presence has evolved as Chelsea’s web development team has sought to keep in step with the rapid introduction of new technologies

Thus, the look and feel of the official website has changed constantly during that time with no fewer than eight re-designs to the English language version, each occurring every two to three years.

Conscious of our huge international following, the club has also sought to reach out to non-English speaking fans by introducing several different language versions of the website during the past five years including five different Asian languages – Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

With that in mind, the latest version of our website was developed with the present-day fan in mind and is responsive to the device you are using, making it equally easy to view on a variety of devices from desktop computers to tablets to smartphones.

These feature are now available in all of the language versions of our website which reinforces Chelsea’s commitment to engaging with our fans all over the world.