Chelsea Foundation

Forte Village Soccer School

The World's Leading Resort, it is a title that Forte Village has won for the last 12 consecutive seasons.

Attracting guests from around the world with its unique combination of nature, hospitality, tradition and service. Located 40 minutes from Cagliari in an area which is particularly mild all year round, with a climate classed as sub-tropical.

In this ideal setting which combines the intensity of Sardinia with tropical mildness, Forte Village has spent 30 years creating a garden of 25 hectares containing eight enchanting hotels and a collection of highly elegant suites, a stone's throw from the sea and a wonderful beach.

Regular visitors can rely on attentive, dedicated service. A choice of 20 restaurants offering Italian and international fine cuisine, under the glow of Gordon Ramsay's 10 Michelin stars. Alongside him are other extraordinary personalities, from Pat Cash, Wimbledon champion and teacher at the Forte Village Tennis Academy, to the Chelsea football team trainers who have opened the Chelsea Football Club Soccer School at the resort, dedicated to encouraging young talents.

It makes the ideal destination for an exclusive retreat or family vacation. For more information please visit: