George Mills

George Mills was the first player to score a century of league goals for the club and also deserves a special place in the hearts of all Chelsea supporters as he is the last player to score a hat-trick against Liverpool.

Mills was signed from Bromley in 1929 and was top scorer the following season with 14 goals helping us to win promotion, despite only making his debut in December. Over the next nine years Mills was a regular scorer for his only professional club and by the time the Second World War ended his career he had totalled 125 goals in 229 games despite not always being a first choice.

He always showed great loyalty to Chelsea and his goalscoring feats would have been much greater were it not for the fact that he was often overlooked in favour of more famous signings whose wages were far more than those of Mills, but frequently contributed less.

Mills did at least win three international caps and is one of a handful of players to have scored a hat-trick on their England debut.

After retiring, George served the club as a coach and he died in July 1970, just a few months after joining in the celebrations of our first ever FA Cup win.

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