Chelsea 1 Manchester United 1 (5-6 pens)

Champions League Final - 21st May 2008

Never before had a Chelsea Football Club fixture been as widely viewed as that of the 2008 Champions League Final, a game that was watched by millions around the world. And never could have one ended in such wretched circumstances.

As in so many crucial games in recent seasons our opponents were Manchester United. Although we had conceded the championship to them for the second successive season, we were in good heart having only missed out on the title on the last day of the campaign.

It was surprising then that we started so timidly and it was no surprise when we fell behind in the 26th minute. From then on though, the team grew into the game and after a couple of near misses Frank Lampard equalised on the stroke of half time.

In the second half Didier Drogba hit the upright with a brilliant shot and again in the Champions League we were on the wrong end of a decision when the referee ignored a blatant foul on Joe Cole.

There were no further goals in extra time although Lampard hit the crossbar, and the main drama occurred when Drogba was sent off for a slight slap on a United defender who had provoked the incident.

We took the advantage in the penalty shot when Petr Cech made a brilliant save and captain John Terry had the chance to win the trophy. Sadly he slipped as he took the kick and the ball struck the outside of the post.

Nicola Anelka then saw his kick saved and lucky United claimed the trophy.

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