Five Football Shows to Stream in Isolation in India

Missing your dose of footballing action? Looking for a way to fill that void in your schedules? Look no further!

Below, we’ve rounded up the best football TV shows available to stream in India right now, so you can keep yourself occupied for days on end!

Sunderland 'Til I Die

This Netflix show was supposed to be following the club, who had just been relegated from the Premier League to the Championship, in their bid to return to the top flight of English football as soon as possible. What was about to follow was so far from that you still cannot quite believe it actually happened. Sunderland ‘Til I Die is a truly incredible insight into a football club and a fascinating watch for any football fan of any club. With Season 2 rolled out recently, you shouldn't be missing out on this!

Becoming Champions

Only eight countries have ever won the World Cup. This series, based on these footballing nations and how they fared at tournaments before and since, provides greater insight about international football and those teams that won it's most prestigous prize than ever before. Featuring interviews with numerous World Cup winners, this Netflix series takes an in-depth look at the international footballing landscape. There are eight episodes available in India, each one dedicated to a different World Cup winning nation and one neutral episode. Definitely worth a watch!

This Is Football

There are many shows online that explore the typical realm of sports documentaries, but This Is Football is a refreshing change from all of them. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, this series contextualizes the value of the game in a much more broader perspective. Here, it's not just about what happens on the pitch, but more about the implications that it has on the lives of people around the country, effecting a vivid societal change. Masterful storytelling!

The English Game

With the FA Cup suspended until further notice, now seem's like a good time for us Indian Blues to learn a little bit more about the history of the competition. That's what The English Game directs its attention to, focusing on the history of the evolution of football and the FA. Inspired by true events, this Netflix original follows the story of Fergus Suter as he becomes one of the first paid players to participate in the FA Cup, setting up the framework for the game we love so much today. With excellent set design and a terrific background score, The English Game is a must-watch for any inquisitive football fan.

Six Dreams

As the name suggests, this series follows the lives of six people involved in La Liga, including three footballers. Delving into the daily lives of all of the personalities involved, and the ones around them, Six Dreams offers an excellent insight into absolutely everything to do with Spanish football. From being a player to what goes on behind the scenes, you see it all. Don’t let the Spanish deter you from watching it, hit the English subtitles and catch it on Amazon Prime Video NOW!