Our Five Favourite FIFA Games of All Time

From the ground-breaking gameplay of FIFA 98 to the era-defining FIFA 18, here are our five favourite FIFA games of all time.

FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup was the first game that made it possible to choose from all 178 international teams. Along with introducing simple gameplay for its time, this EA Sports game was also the first one to introduce a multiplayer-mode. There weren’t many better ways to spend a Sunday evening with your friends than trying to lift the World Cup!

FIFA 2004
In its battle for supremacy with fierce rival Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA turned up the heat with FIFA 2004. With a niche gloss and presentation to it, this edition was directed to those who wanted to test different tactics and play free-flowing, attacking football. On top of that, the newly introduced skeletal animation system made it a game beyond its times.

An amalgamation of impressive visuals and addictive gameplay, FIFA 07 set the ball rolling for updates/modifications to be made in the game according to how games are played out in real life. Along with this, the game set a benchmark for Manager Mode in future FIFA editions, allowing you to begin with a small club in a lower league having to impress the board, reach goals and hopefully get spotted by clubs in the Premiership who can then lead you to Premiership and European success. A lot of people lost count of the hours spent playing this game!

FIFA 2010
Boasting an innovative 360-degree player control, the franchise developed leaps and bounds with FIFA 10, which finally enabled you to execute a perfect through ball at just the right angle for your striker to run on to. With a wealth of different game modes to choose from, whether it was Be A Pro or Manager Mode, FIFA 10 was EA’s most well-rounded title to date.

Who doesn’t like to see a goal being scored with quick breaks and lightning-fast counter attacks? FIFA 18 based its core around the growing importance of speed within football, making every online match an exciting battle! 0-0 draws were not to be expected!